1. What is the DFW Hawks Organization?The Hawks is an elite boys and girls basketball club dedicated to helping young athletes take their game to the next level and helping them get collegiate exposure.
  2. What can my child benefit by being part of the DFW Hawks?We target players who have the desire and passion to get better.  With the training and knowledge from our experienced coaching staff, your child will have every opportunity to maximize his/her potential.
  3. How much does it cost?For our 2018 Spring/Summer season the registration fee will be only $300 for returners and $350 for new registration.  This does include uniform fee.
  4. Where do the DFW Hawks practice and play?We are based in Weatherford, Texas, but DFW Hawks teams will practice in various locations throughout the Metroplex to fit the needs of players and coaches.  We will play in the metroplex and plan to go at least two out-of-town tournament per season (unless a particular team chooses to stay local).
  5. Is there a waiting list?We try to accommodate all interested youth.  If a player cannot attend tryouts or joins late, we will do an individual tryout evaluation to try and place them on the appropriate team.
  6. Who is eligible to play?Any boy or girl from 4th grade through 12th grade is eligible to play.
  7. When do the DFW Hawks play? Are there different seasons?We have a Spring/Summer season and a Fall season.  We play at least two weekends per month during April, May,  June, and  July for the Spring/Summer season and two tournaments per month in September, October and November for the Fall season.  Depending on team availability, some teams may play year round.
  8. Once a player commits there are absolutely no refunds!